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Ordering Page

If you would like to place your order, I cannot proceed with it unless all the required info such as complete shipping address, billing address, telephone number, email address and payment info is in place. So what am I saying?...... When you call for information concerning your material needs I will tell you if I can fill your order but cannot give you a total price, only price per board foot, and I cannot proceed with the order until I have your order on the books with all the required info. I value your consideration as one of our growing list of regular customers. I know how hard it is to find good reliable sources of material for your projects. At times it takes me a couple hours to research a customers needs in my many thousand board feet inventory.

Ordering Or Reserving Material

You have three (3) ways of ordering or asking us to reserve a particular item of lumber from us. You can order or reserve material by mail, telephone or email. We will require a 25% deposit to reserve any material and will reserve it for a period of no longer than 2 weeks. No matter how you order or reserve material, we need complete information from you on how to get back to you. Please include a complete shipping address, billing address, telephone number, email address and payment info.

I do not offer a secure ordering service or shopping basket from this web site at this time. Because of the very many questions customers ask about their particular wood requirements and the great differences in shipping cost it would be impractical to do so and still satisfy your particular needs. A telephone call is most always required to discuss all the necessary requirements of wood shipments such as the most economical shipping methods, credit card numbers.

Regardless of the method of ordering you choose or your request to reserve material please remember that we require your complete shipping address, billing address, telephone number, email address and payment info before I can act on your order.

If you have any questions please call us.
Brian Berkheimer 717-870-9746
Derick Garman 717-586-4016

By mail send your order to:
Two Guys Lumber & Millwork
4646 Holtzschwamm Road
Thomasville, PA. 17364

We will acknowledge your order by return mail or telephone and give you the total cost which will include shipping to your destination. You may then send a check or arrange your credit card (Visa Or Master Card) transaction with us over the phone or email to cover the complete cost of lumber and shipping.

By Email
Contact us via email with your order preference. We will get back to you with the total amount due including shipping charges.

Limitations of Service
We don't ship COD (cash on delivery)
We don't accept cash through the mail (checks and money orders are fine!)
We don't ship orders before payment is actually received
We will do our very best to honor any reasonable request, but simply do not have the time to search our entire inventory to find a particular type of curl or grade of lumber in a particular length